Clear-Blue Partial Frame

Blue Box Dental Introduces

Now enjoy a "Lighter-than-Air" solution for your partially edentulous patients!

  • Comfortable

  • Esthetic

  • Non Metal

  • Bio-Compatable

  • Durable

  • Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Blue Box Dental Laboratory proudly introduces "Clear-Blue" partial frames as an esthetic, durable solution for your patients who prefer non-metal restorations.

Clear-Blue clear frames are designed like a traditional cast metal partials but the denture acrylic is built on a clear nylon framework in place of a chrome cobalt partial. The frame and clasps are semi-rigid and transparent. Rest seats provide the partial with the vertical stability doctors desire without compromising the natural esthetics that today's patients prefer. Clear-Blue is indicated for just about all partial applications. Patients will appreciate the precise fit, comfortable function and metal free esthetics.

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