We provide Identalloy certificates with each case to insure only the highest quality materials are utilized in the restorations for our valued clients and patients.


The list of commonly prescribed alloys is as follows:


  • Porcelain to Non Precious (4 All by Ivoclar)

  • Porcelain to Non Precious (Wirobond Nickel Free by Bego)

  • Porcelain to Noble White (Argedent 52 by Argen)

  • Porcelain to High Noble Yellow (Argedent 75 by Argen)

  • Porcelain to High Noble Flat Price (Captek by Argen)

  • Full Cast Non Precious (4 All by lvoclar)

  • Full Cast Noble White (Argelite 54B by Argen)

  • Full Cast Noble Yellow (Argenco Y by Argent Argenco 20, Argenco 52 )

  • Full Cast High Noble White (Argedent Euro by Argen)

  • Full Cast High Noble Yellow (Argenco 52HN and 75)


By utilizing materials from well known manufacturers we provide confidence to our customers and their clients that the materials utilized to craft our premium restorations is of the finest quality.